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Track My Kid Watch


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The Track My Kid Watch is the #1 GPS Locator rated by Mums. It accurately locates the location of your kid, making your kids always accessible by you!

The Track My Kid Watch is a wristband for kids to wear as a watch. The band is made of Flexible Silicone Gel, granting it the ability to fit virtually any size of your kid’s arm! The Comfortable Grip makes your child wear that watch happily too!

The Track My Kid Watch is built with 9 major features in one single device, ease all your burden more than ever! They are:

  1. Pedometer
  2. Radio Controlled
  3. GPS
  4. Sleep Monitor
  5. Anti-Lost
  6. SIM card
  7. Terminal SOS emergency alarm
  8. Low-battery alarm
  9. Watch-removal alarm

The Long-Lasting Lithium Battery will allow the Track My Kid Watch to standby for about 2-3 days without charging, so it won’t be a problem to bring out for a road trip and even camping! With a push on ONE button, the SOS sends out emergency signal, immediately notifying you your kid’s location Anytime, Anywhere. No more risk for your kids anymore!

You can even pair the Track My Kid Watch with your phone through Bluetooth, and the device will alarm you once it is beyond the safety distance. With the latest Bluetooth 3.0 technology, it is more Sensitive & Stable, and there’s no worry about losing it again!


3.5 x 2.5 x 2.1 inches


Flexible Silicone Gel

Compatible With

iOS 6.0 or above, Android 2.3 or above


GPS Tracking, Bluetooth 3.0


420mAh Lithium Battery


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