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Super Space Magnetic Attractor Putty


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Bored with regular putty? Well, you should be. And here’s why we’re introducing you the BEST putty that could fill your boredom – the awesome Space Putty Magnetic! It turns the odd, normal putty to a super magnetic product! Besides having its magnetic property, it behaves just like any other putty.

The Space Putty Magnetic can be bounced, stretched, molded and torn. One single putty is made by more than 70 million tiny Micron-Sized Magnet Particles. You can use the Ultra-Strong Magnet Block (included in the package) to control it, and you’ll see it moving like a snake.

If you want to play more with it, simply “charge” the Space Putty Magnetic, magnetize it, and it will do its work to pick up small tacks and paperclips. Awesome right? We bet you think the same too!


Ordinary magnets are just plain fun, because they tend to move or snap on their own. Boring! But not the magical Space Putty Magnetic. Simply place the entire the Ultra-Strong Magnet Block next to it, and you’ll notice that it will slowly “CONSUME” the entire thing! SPOOKY!

Reminder: To retrieve the “eaten” magnet, just dig around inside the putty and pull it out.


1.5 x 1.5 inches


Magnetic Material


Ultra-Strong Ceramic Magnet

Suitable For



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