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Submarine Tea Infuser


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Well, who says drinking tea is something boring? With this creative Submarine Tea Infuser here, drinking tea is never just a hobby – it’s a fun! Inspired by the concept of submarine, this tea infuser actually submerges into your cup of hot water, and INSTANTLY brew a good cup of tea for you!

The Submarine Tea Infuser is made with Food Grade Silicone Rubber, which is extremely safe to use to drink. It is 100% chemical free, and it can be used with hot water up to 100oC!

The chain above allows you to insert and remove the submarine anytime you want. You can now enjoy a Perfect cup of tea every single morning with just a simple action! Get it now before stocks run out!


5.5 x 3 x 5.5 cm


Food Grade Silicone Rubber


Submarine Shape


Gives You A Perfect Cup of Tea


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