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Snake Drill Bit


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The Snake Drill Bit is an Extremely flexible extender for Any driver so that you do not need to be worry about fixing the corners again! It snakes itself around the corners and narrow spaces, allowing you to reach virtually Everywhere around your home!

With the Snake Drill Bit, difficult jobs will Instantly become easy, and you can get the task done Quickly & Correctly! You can extend your reach up to 12 inches far away from you! The best thing is – It loads quickly and changes bits in seconds!

The Snake Drill Bit is uniquely designed to be easy to use. Simply install it into your driver and then choose any head, screw, bolt or nut. That’s all! You can start fixing things now! You can use it for general hand drill chuck, or even for electric screwdriver!

You can now use the Snake Drill Bit to save all the trouble fixing electrical cabinets, furniture, electrical appliances and narrow places where other screwdriver cannot work!


ABS Plastic & Durable Metal

Full Length

295 mm

Hex Shank

6.35 mm

Inner Hexagon Head

6.35 mm


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