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Seat Belt Cushion Pad


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The Seat Belt Cushion Pad is Soft & Comfortable, giving you a nice drive each time you pull down the seat belt. It attaches firmly to your vehicle’s seat belt strap with velcro fasteners.

If you’re on the passenger seat, the Seat Belt Cushion Pad cradles your head for a safe snooze while your seatbelt remains securely buckled. It is made with Ultra-Soft High Grade Neoprene, and it will give you the BEST resting experience by preventing your head from falling forward during sleep!

The Seat Belt Cushion Pad is a Must-Have for road trips because it stops the seat belt from cutting into your child‘s neck, especially for long hours!


10.6 x 3.93 x 2.39 inches / 27 x 10 x 6 cm


Ultra-Soft High Grade Neoprene



Suitable For

Kids and Adults


Soft, Micro-Suede Fabric


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