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Pops a Dent


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The Pops A Dent is a DIY Dent & Ding Repair Kit! It is designed with a unique bridge shape and an adhesive system! Don’t overlook the simplicity of this amazing gadget, because it’s the one ONLY professional auto-body experts will use!

The Pops A Dent does a clean work without leaving behind any messy work, sticky residue or any scratches! It is Extremely Simple to use! With just three easy steps, you can remove dents from hail, other car doors, and much more – without even damaging the surface of your car!

Simple place the dent removal stem on the dented area, twist the repair bridge knob, and then Pop! The unsightly dent or ding is gone! Completely gone!


ABD Durable Plastic


Remove car dents easily

Suitable For

ANY dents


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