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Nail Glitter Powder


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Chrome nails are the newest trend in nail design! Use this powder to get the highly sought after chrome nails at the comfort of your own home.

These beautiful nails are expensive to get it done in nail salons but now you can get these nails at half the price and it’s so Easy to use! The Nail Glitter Powder is made up of Cosmetic Grade Mica Powder that is safe and will not damage your natural nails.

The Nail Glitter Powder is waterproof, making your polish last longer and not peel off easily. The powder comes in different colours that will suit any occasions and works on ALL nail types and shapes . With only four simple steps that will take you less that 20 minutes, your nails will look like you just got them done in the nail salon.

Get yours today and you friends won’t be able to take their eyes of your new nails!


100% Pure Cosmetic Grade Mica Powder




Nail Colour/ Nail Art


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