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Mr Tea Infuser


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The Mr Tea Infuser is a great gift for those who love drinking tea! It has a playful design of a little guy resting peacefully along the rim of your tea cup, so you don’t have to worry about fishing him out at all!

The Mr. Tea Infuser is constructed with 100% BPA-Free Silicone, does not contain any chemicals, and is Extremely Safe for your food – the best part is, it won’t affect the taste of your tea! The silicone body makes it Soft & Durable, and you can use it Anytime, Anywhere!

The Mr. Tea Infuser is suitable for ALL small leaf teas and most fruit/herb infusions. In order to wash it, simply detach the little guy’s body, and wash it ONLY with your hands! It’s that simple, really! Try one now!

You can even complete your own Tea Infuser Collection set by getting the little Manatea and the amazing Deep Tea Diver now!


8 x 6 cm


100% BPA-Free Silicone


Up to 2 inches Tea-ball




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