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Hanging Kitchen & Bathroom Box


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The Hanging Kitchen & Bathroom Box is the Most Creative tool that helps you enjoy every moment in your kitchen. You and your family members need this because it makes your dull kitchen work colorful again!

The Hanging Kitchen & Bathroom Box is made of High Quality Silica Gel, and therefore it is Extra Soft, Flexible, & Durable. It will not only create a playful environment for your kitchen, it will also provide extra space for you to store anything in the kitchen!

All you need to do is to simply snap the Hanging Kitchen & Bathroom Box around your sink, and it’s done! You’re right, it is that easy! Never need to worry about your kitchen environment anymore, just get this!


19.5 x 8.5 x 4.5 cm


High Quality Silica Gel

Dishwasher Safe


Suitable For



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