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Fleece Face Mask


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The Fleece Face Mask has several uses – and 4 of them are the major functions of this amazing fleece. You can use it as a face mask, a neck warmer, a beanie, or even a cap!

The Fleece Face Mask is designed in such a way that you will never run out of reason to wear it in whatever season! It keeps you warm when needed, and allows cool air to keep you cold when needed too.

The Fleece Face Mask is made by High Grade Acrylic & Cotton, with some Polar Fleece, making it very Durable & Comfortably Soft!

This Fleece Face Mask is a must-have for any sportsman. Its simplicity design lets you wear it as a hood, scarf, neck warmer or hat. The fabric is rich with elastic materials to ensure perfect fit.


High Grade Acrylic & Cotton with Polar Fleece


Scarf, Mask, Beanie, Cap

Suitable For

Winter Outdoor Climbing, Skiing, Riding and Extreme Sports


Anti-Fog, Keep Warm


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