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Fish Eye Camera Lens


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The Fish Eye Camera Lens lets you take beautiful and quality pictures by just using your phone! The kit comes with 3 high-quality lenses that conveniently snaps onto your smartphone making it extra travel-friendly! Use it with your iPhone, Samsung, tablet or even your laptop webcam! It is super EASY to use as it is portable and detachable and all it takes is 5 seconds put or take it off.

There are 3 lenses to choose from: super wide-angle, fish-eye and the macro lens. The super wide-angle lens allows for an incredible 180-degree field of vision. Switch to the fish-eye lens to take wide panoramic or hemispherical images! You’ll love the macro lens when taking a close-up image of an object as the lens is super sharp and will not distort your image.

Start taking amazing pictures today with the Fish Eye Camera Lens! Order now!



Lens Size

Approx.3.5 x 2 cm

Clip Length

Approx. 5.5 cm


100-240 Volts / 0.5A


5 Volts / 2.0A


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