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Cleaning Gloves Sponge


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The Cleaning Gloves Sponge is the BEST product made for your car. It is brand new and high quality, keeping your car always as clean as newly bought vehicle! It will Instantly give you a shiny car!

The Cleaning Gloves Sponge is made with Soft Microfiber, giving it a smooth sweep as you wipe your car. With the soft design, you won’t need to worry about scratch on your car anymore!

The Cleaning Gloves Sponge has adopted an improved design. As compared to the older design, it now allows you to wear it in your palms, avoiding it to fall off again. Moreover, with the improved quality, you can even wipe your car even faster and cleaner!


21 x 10 x 5 cm


Soft Microfiber




Clean Your Car


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