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Brick Shape Stackable Cutlery (Set of 3)


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Remember when you were once so young and you love Lego bricks a lot? Well, you’re not alone, because everyone loves it! We’re here to introduce you the amazing Brick Shape Stackable Cutlery!

This colorful cutlery set is not just an ordinary lego set, it is also a set of tools for you to enjoy your nice meal with extra fun! The Brick Shape Stackable Cutlery is made with High Quality Stainless Steel while the Lego handle is made with Durable Silicone.

The Brick Shape Stackable Cutlery comes with a fork, a knife and a spoon. All 3 locks together well like Lego and you’ll surely enjoy the meal for the day! It is 6 inches / 15 cm long, and is suitable for both kids and adults!

This brilliant invention makes the cutlery set compact enough to fit easily into most lunch boxes, desk drawers or even glove compartments! Keep them together so that you won’t have any missing pieces anymore!


6 inches / 15 cm


High Quality Stainless Steel & Durable Silicone

Suitable For

Kids & Adults


Fun, Safe, Nice


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