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Bit 360 Screwdriver


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The Bit 360 Screwdriver is the latest invention to combine ALL your screwdrivers into ONE! It is a revolutionary tool that makes any impossible task become possible. And the best part – it is Extremely Easy to use. With a simple push and pull action, and a slight twist on the rotating chamber, you can change the screwdriver bits Instantly!

The package comes with the 6 most commonly used screwdriver bits, including different sizes of Phillips bits and Flat Head bits. All you need to do is preload the rotating chamber with all the bits, and it is ready to be used! With all the bits held in the rotating chamber, you won’t be losing ANY of these tiny bits anymore!

Anyone can change them Easily & Quickly! All you need to do is simply push to remove the bit, twist to change the bit, and pull back to load a new bit – You’re right, that’s all! If you have your very own bit with you, you can use it too!

The Bit 360 Screwdriver is specially designed with Rubberized Grip, granting it the ability to withstand all types of wear and tear. You can even hold it Comfortably without any pain! It is also built with magnetized head, allowing you to secure the screw on the bits Firmly without Falling!

Do not spend hundreds of dollars buying tons of screwdrivers now. Save your money, save the mess and get one of these awesome Bit 360 Screwdriver now while promotion is still on!


5.1 x 1.8 x 10 inches


6-in-1 Screwdriver


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