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Bicycle Pizza Cutter


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The Bicycle Pizza Cutter helps you in effortless cutting on even the thickest of pizza crusts. Both front and back wheels are made from stainless steel with a sharp non-stick edge. It is a cool, functional, and lightweight bicycle shaped Bicycle Pizza Cutter.

The Bicycle Pizza Cutter is a 1/10th scale of a real life road bike right down to the finest details including frame, wheels, seat and handle bars. The minimal parts and non-stick surface for easy cleaning. Simply wash with warm water.

The Bicycle Pizza Cutter is a fun and practical gift which is perfect for pizza lovers, cyclists or anyone who wants a little fun with their next pizza. It is also great for kids birthday parties and pizza parties as well. It comes with a stand for easy display and storage.


7 x 1 x 4.5 inches


Stainless Steel


Easy to use and clean


Lightweight, functional


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