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Beard Shaping Comb


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If you have beard and you love them, don’t shave them so soon yet! To ensure that you will have a nice looking shape of beard, you need this tool! To use it, just place it onto your face, and gently shave over the edge. You’ll be doing this in seconds, at the same time earning you a good looking beard!

For those who has short beards, shaving using the tool won’t be any problem. However, for those with longer facial hairs, you need to do a little more extra work. You will need a pair of hair clippers and line it up where you want it to be in order to make sure it stays in place while you are shaping.


4.5 x 0.2 x 3.8 inches


Durable ABS Plastic


Lightweight, Safe To Use


Shape Beards


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