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Anti Snore Guard


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The Anti Snore Guard the Safest Solution to stop any snores so that you and your partner can get a good night’s sleep each night! It is Drug-Free because it doesn’t require you to eat anything at all.

By wearing the Anti Snore Guard at night, it gently lifts your lower jaw such that the airspace in the back of the throat becomes wider. It greatly enhances air flow, and is Perfect to reduce or stop snoring and heavy breathing.

The Anti Snore Guard has 4 large breathing holes for easy breathing, and is designed to control tongue position. It also offers gentle joint decompression, making it extremely comfortable as you put it on.

The Anti Snore Guard is Extremely Eco-Friendly. It is reusable and comes with a storage case. One size fits all – the clever design suits most sizes of mouth.

Front Height

1.09 inches

Rear Height

0.8 inches


1.65 inches

Widest Point

2.63 inches


BPA-Free ABS Plastic


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