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Anti-Rust Kitchen Sponge


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The Anti-Rust Kitchen Sponge is the easiest solution to scrub off every bit of rust on your utensils and kitchenware. It features a coarse surface that could Effectively remove stubborn dirt, and it could be even used for daily cleaning works.

The Anti-Rust Kitchen Sponge is made of High Quality Silicone Carbide, coated with Nano Particles to remove any possible stains. It is the size of your palm, so that you can use it easily!

Besides, the Anti-Rust Kitchen Sponge can be used to remove pot coke, and also to clean pot, bowl, lampblack machine, kitchen walls, ceramic tile, and many more! It is a good helper for your life, especially if you love cooking.

Get this now, and start magically removing rust from stainless steel pans. It is Durable & Flexible, allowing you to use it multiple times!


2.8 x 1 x 4 inches


Silicone Carbide with Nano Particles

Suitable For

Any Kitchenware


Remove Rust and Clean Utensils


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