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Air Vent Cleaning Kit


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Annoyed with all the dust and dirt in your car’s air vent but can’t seem to get it out? Not anymore with this Air Vent Cleaning Kit! This cleaning set comes with an extremely soft brush suitable for dusting and cleaning nooks on your car dashboard such as air vents, gaps between the steering wheel, ash trays etc. There is no chance of scratching expensive rims, clear coat, chrome finish or delicate interiors as this brush is 100% Metal free!

The bristles are made at the Perfect Length to reach into motorcycle wheels, air conditioning vents, interior door panels and other tight spaces that you can’t reach with normal brushes. The Air Vent Cleaning Kit is also great for cleaning computers, laptop keyboards and sliding door runners.

The size of the cleaning set makes it EASY to store in the car. Its tray is good to hold all the dust and for easy disposal into the trash.

Keep your car extra clean and tidy today with this cool tool!


8.5 x 21.5 cm




1 Set/Brush+Tray


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